What To Expect

Mission statement

To create an environment with the intent to bring peace and healing energy to everyone who enters. To make each client’s intent for massage my goal, all for the highest goodness. To promote the benefits of massage therapy to all those I come in contact with. Thereby helping to bring peace and health to the world one body at a time.


Office Policy

  • If you believe that you may be getting sick or coming down with a cold, it may be best to reschedule your appointment.
  • Before each appointment please notify me of any medical changes.
  • 24 hour cancellation notice is appreciated.
  • Punctuality: If you are late for your appointment the length of your massage may be shortened.
  • Proper draping will be used through out each massage.



Benefits of massage

  • Increases circulation, Simulates mild exercise
  • Removes Cellular debris
  • Improves range of motion & opens joints
  • Relaxation & Stress relief with an increase of endorphin’s
  • Connects body, mind and spirit



After massage

  • Drink plenty of water to flush out cellular debris
  • Take it easy, let your body relax and enjoy
  • Ice any areas that are sore
  • Take a bath with Epsom salt, 1 cup per bath
  • If you have any questions or concerns please call me